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Ep 464 – Joseph Bishop Timeline

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Ep 355 – Mormon Leaks – Guideline Responses to Common Questions: The Smackdown

Are Mormons Christians? What is the official Mormon response to Abuse? Affinity Fraud? Church Finances? The Clannish nature of Church Members? Dissent? Hard-to-believe Events in Church History? And a dozen other topics? Mormon Leaks’ founder Ryan McKnight joins Glenn, Randy, John, and Matt to smack down the latest leaked document: Guideline Responses to Common Questions.

Oh yeah…. And John’s Ambassador is plenipotent. #Duh!

Ep 336 – Mormon Leaks

Matt and Tom sit down with Ryan McKnight and Privacy P Pratt (not his real name) to discuss General Authority pay stubs, the difference between mormon- and wiki- leaking, and leaks and leakers and just a bunch of leaking stuff in general.  You’re in for a real treat (as opposed to urine for a real treat).  Cuz details matter.

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