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Ep 150 – A Fond Farewell From Randy -or- State of the Infant Union

Randy bids us all a fond farewell (again) as Tom, Matt, and Glenn respond to some listener feedback and discuss the general state of all things Infants on Thrones.

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Ep 133 – Infants on Feminists Pt. 1

Chelsea joins Matt, Tom, Bob, and Glenn to discuss Feminism.  Or, more accurately, to discuss how to discuss Feminism with Feminists.  Or, even more accurately, to discuss how NOT to discuss Feminism with Feminists.  Buckle up.

Ep 120 – Feminism and Activism

Chelsea Shields Strayer walks the boys through what it means to be a feminist and an activist.  We hope this isn’t offensive in any way. Think of it more as the first awkward step in a journey to a better place. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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