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Ep 723 – How to be a Faithfully Lazy Learner: A Heart-felt Response to Russell M. Nelson (Infant General Conference Stylz)

Glenn welcomes Russell M Nelson (not really) onto the podcast for a little discussion about lazy learning.

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Ep 193 – Authority

Tom and Bob are joined with Jamie and Chelsea from the Debrief Society Podcast to discuss Chelsea’s listener submitted essay titled, “Authority”.

Ep 156 – The Strength of a Witness

Tom and Randy talk with Craig about his listener essay: The Strength of a Witness.

Ep 140 – Faith and Doubt

Glenn shares one of the last talks he gave in Sacrament meeting.  And then rips it to shreds, self-smackdown-styles.

For those of you who like a transcript, you can find at least a copy of the talk here, where it was posted on the Mormon Matters blog in June, 2010:

Ep 20 – Belief-umentary: Religulous vs. Kumare

The full quorum (Bob, Glenn, Jesse, Matt, Randy, & Tom) gets together to review, discuss, and compare two movies that both try to tackle the topic of organized religion: Religulous and Kumare. They are both available via Netflix streaming, but you don’t need to see either movie to follow the discussion.

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