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Ep 286 – Priesthood Power and the Magic Worldview

John Hamer teaches Glenn, Randy, and Jake a thing or two about the LDS priesthood. And its origins. And its authority. And its power. And the magical-ness of the Mormon Worldview. And it is funny. And informative. And will tickle your ears, warm your hearts, and engorge your brains. Do not seek the treasure (we thought you was a toad).

Ep 193 – Authority

Tom and Bob are joined with Jamie and Chelsea from the Debrief Society Podcast to discuss Chelsea’s listener submitted essay titled, “Authority”.

Ep 76 – Dude for a Day

What if a woman could be a man for a day or vice versa? Glenn, Bob, and Randy are joined by Allison to discuss gender roles and her essay on this topic.

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