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Ep 720 – Anger, P1

Glenn sits down with recently former angry ex-Mormon Adam Watanabe to discuss the pros and cons of anger.

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Ep 202 – Sunstone 2015 – MoSide Out

What if the emotions from Pixar’s “Inside Out” got together in a Mormon-formed brain that experienced a faith crisis? Which emotion dominates in a pre, mid, or post-faith crisis mind? Those were the questions we playfully explored in our Sunstone panel on Aug 1 at the University of Utah. Listen in as Glenn narrates and the audience chooses exactly what will become of Joy (Jake), Sadness (Scott), Disgust (Matt), Fear (John), and Anger (Randy).




Ep 197 – Mo-side Out Promo (Sunstone 2015 Teaser)

What will the Infants be talking about at Sunstone this year?

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