Ep 873 - Lies Lies Lies and the Liars who Lie Them (Honest)

 Today's episode of Infants on Thrones dives into the intriguing world of lies and deception, inspired by a video from independent journalist Johnny Harris. I'm Glenn Ostlund, and I'm thrilled to share insights from Johnny's compelling investigation into why we lie, why we believe lies, and what we can do about it.
Johnny Harris, with over 5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, explores the complex nature of lying, touching on both intentional and unintentional falsehoods. His video delves into the neuroscience of deception, using humor and expert interviews to shed light on this pervasive human behavior. We'll discuss the evolutionary roots of lying, the brain's reward system, and how repetition influences belief formation through the illusory truth effect.
Join me as I review Johnny Harris' video and add my own perspective on these fascinating topics. Together, we'll explore the intricate dance between truth and lies, uncovering how our brains process information and how social media shapes our perceptions.
Show Notes:
  • Introduction
    • Overview of today's episode inspired by Johnny Harris' video
    • Glenn's enthusiasm for Johnny Harris and his investigative work
    • Link to Johnny Harris' YouTube channel
  • Main Discussion: Understanding Lies
    • The complexity of lying: Intentional vs. Unintentional lies
    • Definitions and distinctions: Lies, truth, intentionality, and unintentionality
    • Examples from "Mean Girls" to illustrate different types of lies
  • Neuroscience of Lying
    • Insights from neuroscientists on the brain's reward system
    • Evolutionary perspective: How lying and passing along wrong information evolved
    • Processing information: New vs. established neural pathways
  • Psychological Mechanisms
    • Illusory truth effect: Repetition and belief formation
    • Confirmation bias: How we accept and reject information based on existing beliefs
    • Evolutionary success: Myths and stories as survival mechanisms
  • Social Media and Modern Information Consumption
    • The impact of social media on our perception of truth and lies
    • Navigating the world of misinformation and lies: Tips and strategies
  • Conclusion
    • Embracing curiosity and open-mindedness
    • The power of "I don't know"
    • Reflecting on personal growth and evolving perspectives
Resources Mentioned:
  • Johnny Harris' YouTube channel
  • Mean Girls movie clips
  • Neuroscience research on the brain's reward system
  • Articles and studies on the illusory truth effect and confirmation bias
Quotes to Remember:
  • "I lie. And you lie. We all lie. And more importantly, we all believe lies."
  • "Pay attention to your bricks, your thoughts, your feelings, your moment-by-moment experience."
  • "Arrive curious. Empathize with others and seek to understand."
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Ep 873 - Lies Lies Lies and the Liars who Lie Them (Honest)
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