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Ep 745 – How to Walk Away from the Mormon Church without Burning so many Precious Bridges

Ryan is a listener of Infants on Thrones.  Ryan is super angry at the Mormon church.  Ryan wants to burn it all down, but all of Ryan’s family and friends are still in the building and are absolutely loving it.  What should Ryan do?  Glenn shares some personal experiences from his 2008 exit of the Mormon church.


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Ep 703 – New Year, New Stories

In these chaotic times, Glenn shares a mind soothing message about the nature of reality, from Zach Bush, MD

Ep 426 – The Spiritual (sort of) Brain (kinda) Episode that Rocked the World of All Those Who’s World it Rocked

Why do otherwise smart and intelligent people defend really bad ideas? How does our brain respond to perceived threats? What are mirror neurons? Glenn shares a kookie but fascinating video about the brain and tells a lot of stories along the way. Could this video possibly contain the seeds of answers to some of the biggest existential questions we still ask ourselves, even after a faith crisis?

This episode was produced as a video podcast first. You will get more out of it watching than you will listening. You can watch the video here:

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Ep 303 – Smackup: BYU in the Big 12

In a manly display of manly manliness, Matt, Tom, Randy, and Glenn discuss BYU’s bid for the Big 12 conference and read through a letter signed by multiple LGBT advocacy groups urging the Big 12 to pass on BYU due to its anti-LGBT policies.

Jocks gonna jock.

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