Ep 359 – Why Can’t We Be Friends: Part 3


Posted March 28th, 2017

This is part 3 of 3.



  • scubadoc16

    Thank you for posting all three parts, and for giving listeners the opportunity to contribute financially. Yours is one of my favorite podcasts, and I like to support good content financially if I can.

    Do we know anything about the woman who was also present in the discussion? In the clips played during parts 1 and 2, I thought I might have heard a female-sounding voice a couple times, but wasn’t sure, but then in the full recording in part 3, it’s obvious that there is a woman there, and I think they say it is Trevor’s wife and might even say her name, though I didn’t catch what it was. Is there a reason you didn’t mention her at all in the discussion? If you do a parody of this conversation, you could point out to hilarious effect how blatant it is that she is there but almost completely silent. Pretty much like Mormon women generally.

    • Glenn

      Thank you. It was Trevor’s wife. He talked about that in his interview with John Dehlin on Mormon Stories, which didn’t get included here, but I think is still available on MS.

  • Dale Lowry

    Thanks for posting this here. A much more nuanced discussion than the one one John Dehlin recorded with Trevor to replace it. Often Glenn’s Mormon Whisperer drives me up the wall, but listening to the Mormon Stories episode that replaced this, it quickly became obvious to me how important it is to have a Mormon Whisperer present in these discussions.

  • pymotes

    “but, muh chiasmus.” at first the church rubes did a good job. Dr. Grow was super nice & nerdy, while the duller but earnest businessman GA must’ve said the night before, “hey i know a guy who’s smarter than me, he’ll fix everything!” by the end: middle digit to the tediously disingenuous authorities.

    trevor was imbued with the spirit of sam donaldson/geraldo rivera – a brave mega-cajoned documentarian, with far more “gotcha’s!” than expected from a humble god-fearing/god-scaring man – he got braver as the show went on – uncomfortably so – probably mad from having been deceived (& tithing $ taken!) hope trevor makes it all into a documentary:)

    thank you – most excellent show(s)! verily, you are the one true podcast. selah.