Ep 357 – Why Can’t We Be Friends: Part 1


Posted March 28th, 2017

This is part 1 of 3.



  • Jason Anderson

    Here’s my possible naive comment. I understand that the Church History guy ought not to have been recorded without his permission because he is after all just doing his “job.” However, I thought that GAs were called and set apart as special witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ. Why would they mind being recorded at anytime while spreading the Good Word (so to speak)

  • Brandon Russell

    Dude reads Jonathan Haidt and turns into college student that reads Chomsky for the first time, or salary-man that visits Jamaica and suddenly everything is rastafarian for a couple weeks.
    Glenn, you’re great, and I love what you’ve built with Infants over the years. Please, please stop hammering us with your – all beliefs arrived at honestly are valid – mindset. We get it. I promise. We get it.