The Spiritual Brain – Part 1


Posted November 5th, 2017

What does it mean to be spiritual? Is “spirit” just a supernatural idea? A bedtime story parents tell to their children to make them believe in God? Or is there something physical, tangible, measurable to spirit?

Glenn is joined by Kevin & Campbell Oleson to discuss these questions with neuroscientist Dr. Michael Adam Ferguson, to preview Michael’s upcoming project “The Spiritual Brain Podcast,” and to better understand his scientific approach to spirituality.

A video of this conversation can be found here:

The Spiritual Brain Podcast website:


  • Jason Jordan Smith


    This was a fascinating discussion. I would like to encourage you, if at all possible, to attempt an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist at the University of Toronto. He speaks at length about how the post-modern philosophies (which are very deconstructive at its core) that have become more ingrained in academia and secularism have been eating away at what he calls the “metaphysical substrate” of all societies. During this whole discussion, I couldn’t help but go back to what he has said about this very issue, as well as its consequences. He is also very well-versed in Jonathan Haidt’s work. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE interview him. I promise that you won’t regret it!!!!!

  • Randy Shirts

    It is now the end of December and I can’t find the Spiritual Brain Podcast. The link above does not work and google yields nothing.