The REAL Antichrist

Posted January 10th, 2018

Glenn has figured out who the actual anti-christ is and what “anti-christ” actually means. And it’s not what you think! Unless, of course, it is. It’s really hard to tell being as obnoxiously cryptic as I am being. Just listen. You’ll like this one. I promise.


  • Swaggy

    Although this title was put in jest, I think you’re more right than you are.

    Because unless I’m mistaken, Brand is advocating for the killing of the ego or the death of the self, while the Christ, at least insofar as Mormonism is concerned, is concerned about exaltation of the self.

    • Glenn

      I think those are both the same thing, by New Age standards — where the ego is a false self, and killing the false self is the path to exaltation of the true self. Gotcha.

      • Swaggy

        I think it was in jest because in most Christian traditions, the Antichrist was a political figure during the last days who would persecute the truth followers of Christ. In Mormonism, an Antichrist is anyone who is opposed to Jesus and his teachings. In the Book of Mormon, antichrists such as Nehor have gone around amassing followers from the true faith.

        If I am doing justice to Brand’s words and your commentary, I think he meant we have to do away with anything that can be a barrier to us becoming a Zion-like people. If Brand were a believing-Mormon, he probably would have been hauled before his stake leaders a long time ago for teaching things that threaten the authority and the importance of the Brethren.

      • Swaggy

        But isn’t it in the Temple that we are taught to consecrate all we have to the Church. If we do this and we endure to the end, we become gods and goddesses and inherit everything that God (whoever that is) has. I think Brand is thinking of a horizontal relationship between human beings rather than a vertical power dynamic between God and junior gods. I have no idea what I’m talking about.