The NEW Book of Abraham – Chapter 1


Posted March 26th, 2015

Glenn gazes into his peep stone for a new translation of an old (but not THAT old) classic.

  • Don

    The story just touches my heart in such a way that I just can’t wait for the next chapter so I’ll just say “over and out” till next time.

  • Bryce Jones

    Could you put this down in text? I feel that studying the scriptures is better for me when I can highlight in many different colored pencils. I really can’t count this as scripture study time if it’s not all colored. Thanks.

  • Addems

    I am lol’ing at max power right now. “Saruman’s Bakery”. Perfect!

  • carabellie

    Loved it… Glen TBM whispers Abraham, and nails it! If satire is a tool of exposure, it holds true hear. The Book of Abraham has never been so clear, or so truly true in an honest sort of way….someone should reform Egyptian….you must be gods people if you have to move often…and then Loins, Loins, Loins. Thanks for a great episode. I’ll be watching for chapter 2.

  • PriesthoodBody

    This was amazing! I listened to it no less than thrice today. Keep peepin’ that stone Glenn

  • This translation is like unto that which is called by the Sumerians “Harsag Zalazalag,” which being interpreted is that peak which doth emit brilliance.

  • G

    Pathetic. Give up your opposition.

  • Abe

    Chapter 2 PLZ!!!

  • Brad R

    I have to say that the most recent minisodes have really been great. I wouldn’t mind listening to some more chapters of the new book of Abraham…