Ep 248 – The mostly somewhat very Best of 2015 from Infants on Thrones


Posted December 30th, 2015

In a best-of clip-show for the ages, and at finally for at long last, Dennis pulls back the proverbial curtain and introduces you to Billy, Sandy, Jasper, and Jim of Brainfard Productions, the actual real sorta-genuis-types behind Infants on Thrones. No joke. Unless it is. Thanks for a fun 2015. And who knows…

  • Secret Santa

    I have to admit, you aren’t my favorite infant, but you are a Fucking wizzard. Another wonderful podcast. Any day there is an infant’s podcast to listen to is a great day.

  • Mark Norris

    How have I never listened to “Carl the Casual Satanist”? That was hilarious.

  • triplets99

    2015 stabd out giggle fit me was when you guys were talking about how cool it would be to hang out with Joseoh–except that he eoukd t be the guy to pay for pizza. What episode was that? (I don’t know why but I found that bit extremely amusing.)

  • ART

    2015 was the year I finally became an IoT fan. I think I had stumbled across here before but had no context for who everyone was and you all sounded the same. But then between the Mormon Stories interviews with you guys and the Mormon Expression podcasts, I was finally able to get a point of reference for Glenn and Tom. Randy, Matt, and Bob followed. Then Jake, John, and of course Heather. Now that I can tell your voices apart and have an idea of where everyone comes from, these podcasts are incredible. I can’t go back to Mormon Stories or ME because IoT just has so much style and charm! It did take me awhile to get used to Glenn’s Radiolab-esque production but it’s grown on me and now I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    • YourBishopsWife

      Keep listening…you missed Scott! Early on I had Matt/Randy Bob/Scott confusion.