Ep 439 – The Luminous Brain


Posted February 1st, 2018

Glenn interviews Dr. Michael Ferguson for this debut episode of Michael’s new podcast, The Luminous Brain.


  • Swaggy

    Is Consciousness a thing or is it just a term we use for recognizing the state of being alive?

  • Jeremy Robinson

    Will we ever get the Jonathan Haidt interview or at least an explanation for why its not being released?

    • Glenn

      I will have to refer you to my attorney for that one.

      • Jeremy Robinson


        • Glenn

          Not from Jonathan Haidt’s side, by the way.

          • windy_way8192


          • Glenn

            I guess I don’t need to be so cryptic and dramatic about it. Assumptions could be far worse than what actually happened. I just don’t want to create any more potential conflict around it. But here’s the story in a nutshell:

            Michael and I were hired by a guy to make The Spiritual Brain podcast. This guy has a lot of money and was really excited to share woke messages of enlightenment via podcasting — to be part of the “emotional revolution” as he called it, specifically as it relates to attachment trauma. And he paid a lot of money to fly us to New York to record the Haidt interview in person. And it was — for the most part — an incredible couple of days.

            But when we watched the Haidt interview back with him that night in the hotel room, he loved it loved it loved it until he suddenly just freaked out on Michael for the way he approached the interview. He was incredibly rude. Unreasonable. Unkind. Unsympathetic. Insulting. Verbally and emotionally abusive. SUPER controlling. It was all very traumatic. Major red flags.

            So Michael decided to not work with this guy anymore. I tried for a few weeks to make some kind of arrangement to salvage the project to hopefully bring Michael back in — to establish a working environment where we not only explored the ideas about the “emotional revolution” but actually embodied them in the way we interact with each other. But we couldn’t come to an agreement. He wanted to replace Michael with someone else — he offered me Michael’s role as interviewer (and more money to go with that) but it didn’t feel right, and I didn’t want to put myself in this guy’s line of fire without some guarantees that he wouldn’t try to steamroll me like he did Michael. So I walked away from The Spiritual Brain project, too.

            Michael still wanted to podcast about the brain, and he actually liked the name “Luminous Brain” better than “Spiritual Brain” anyway, so he asked me if I would help him with that project. Since we had the Haidt interview — which is a fantastic interview (this guy who ripped on Michael for it couldn’t have been more wrong) — and since it is Michael’s voice and image and intellectual property, we planned to use it for the Luminous Brain.

            But a week before the scheduled launch we got a “cease and desist” from this guy’s lawyer and threat of a lawsuit cuz this guy claimed that since he paid us for our time and services, he also owned the content, and would sue us if we used it. We disagree with his claims, of course, and tried to come to a mutual agreement again, but he was having none of it, so once again we walked away from him, which also meant walking away from this great interview we did. Because as great as it is, it’s not worth the toxicity.

            It’s possible we may get a follow-up interview with Haidt in a few months once he finishes his next book — we’ll see — but that’s the story.

            Now go subscribe to The Luminous Brain Podcast. It’s going to be something special!

  • Glenn

    I’ll have to refer you to my attorney for that one.