Ep 207 – The Little Apology


Posted August 27th, 2015

Little Apologists aren’t the only ones who can make kinda sorta gymnastic-type little apologies. In this special minisode, Glenn explains the reason for the appearance and sudden disappearance of last Sunday’s mysterious episode “The Little Apologist.”


  • I’m so mad I missed the episode!!!!

    • Glenn

      You snooze, you lose! 😉

      • Apparently! But I grabbed this one already….just in case you decide to take it down too 🙂

        • Glenn

          Yeah, you never know. Fred the Leprechaun-in-denial may eventually ask me to take it down.

  • Nevermowoman

    I didn’t catch the book title, but his detailed explanation of his feud with FAIR was enough for 3 minutes of googling to identify him. I don’t think you could have edited that out without destroying the whole thing.

    • Glenn

      Right. The bottom line is that I should have taken the time to look him up and asked him if he was still ok with me publishing the interview I did with him 4.5 years ago. But I didn’t, cuz I didn’t want to risk him saying no. My bad. I repeat… my bad.

      • Gabriel von Himmel

        Glenn, I have to apologize, I was one of the few, lucky few to have listened to the LITTLE APOLOGIST. I feel so special, 400 listeners before the episode vaporized into the cosmic gyre of Mormonbumb. Glenn your decisioning was an ethical conundrum as the content was worthy but as you know even TBM’s can change their minds after the swelling, the bloat of burning in the belly evacuates into gastric relief. Even Cognitive Dissonance can stabilize after the meat is digested; the milk is so delightful to contemplate but the gas, oh the gas.
        Mormon Judeophilia is a analgesic for the soul temporary and fleeting.

        the Seer Stone Lingam Gastrolith has yet to be authenticated.

  • Devin Wilcock

    Fun Fact! I watched a doc on George Harrison, and he funded the Monty Python movies because no studio would touch them because of thier critique of monarchy and satirical take on religion. George is my all-time favorite and underrated Beatle.

    • EE

      🙂 Was it George or Eric Idle who said it was the most money anyone ever paid for a movie ticket?

    • Thomas Moore

      Was a “Monty Python” movie, or was it “Time Bandits”. Although Time Bandits had John Cleese, Michael Palin and was directed by Terry Gilliam; it wasn’t a true “Monty Python” troupe movie like Holy Grail, Life of Brian, Meaning of Life, etc….

      George funded it and did do the music it for it though.

      • Glenn

        George was exec producer of The Life of Brian and even had an uncredited cameo in the film.


        • Thomas Moore

          See, here it is like Mormonism. I think I know soooooo much and am so learned; suddenly I’m finding out all of these other things. Especially things that I was so smug about, I served my mission in England and had memorized most of Monty Python movies and sketches (my English companions and I used to be so irreverent and recite a lot of the scenes). I was an avid Beatles fan. Now I’m learning all of these other things.

  • Now I feel bad about the comment I left. Sorry, Littlest Apologist. And, yes, on hearing the slip it took about ten minutes to figure it out just for my own curiosity. That right there’s a cautionary tale.

  • Orrin Dayne

    When you said that The Little Apologist asked you to take down the episode but offered to record his latest theory, I laughed harder than I had in a long time. So damn funny.

    • Glenn

      Right. He only wanted it taken down because it did not reflect his current views. Oh well.

  • Scott Pot

    Hilarious job on the interviewer. Sheer brilliance.

  • Joshua Wart

    Huh, it’s still on my iPod from an auto-download. I wasn’t too excited about listening to it, but now I want to!

  • EE

    I downloaded it and tried listening to it 3 times before it mysteriously vanished from my tablet and I found it extremely boring. It was one of the few IoT episodes I did not finish. Those of you who missed it did not miss much.

  • Tim

    I loved the leprechaun’s dialogue. Hilarious! And, really, just hearing what happened with the Little Apologist was funny enough. Truly an insight into the wild mental gymnastics the human mind is capable of.

  • Lachlan Krautz

    All the jabs at Glen were perfect. “You just did it”, “because you wanted to”. Loved it.

  • c

    oh, Fred was great. Hilarious take. PLEASE bring him back for later episodes and interviews 🙂