Ep 310 – The ExMo Guru Part Deux: Meditation as a Place to Go


Posted October 5th, 2016

Infants on Thrones proudly presents Tom Perry once again as The ExMo Guru in the most relevant brilliant earth-shattering performance of Brother Perry’s storied career (yes I am a huge homer of a Tom Perry fan, Rock Star that he is).  But don’t take my word for it.  Listen!  Listen now!  Your eternal relaxation depends on it!  And this salvation is free (it will only cost 21 minutes of your time and a small portion of your innocence).  What are you waiting for?  Listen already!





  • Dax

    I shouldn’t love this as much as I do, but I do. It’s hopeless. Tom Perry, how do I count the ways? This is like a Tyler Glenn masterpiece without the music. Because, while it was funny and entertaining it also felt like a healing balm for my fractured soul. This us why I love Infants, and most especially Tom.
    Oh, and for that commenter who made the hot list after Sunstone and stuck Tom way at the bottom? Yeah, might want to get your eyes checked, pal. 😉

    • Glenn

      Beauty is in the eyeliner of Bohemouths.

  • DJ jRON

    Hahah! Highlight of the episode is douche_1:”blah blah blah we will not change they don’t know us blah SNIFF grumble BURP”

    Turd_Sandwich: “Gob Bless you!”

    Tom: “Huh? WHAA God Bless you!? MAAN fuck that shit!”

  • Voltaire

    So funny, just the comic relief needed. Loved the music and lyrics, especially Kermit.

  • Very realistic. I’ve been to my share of “spiritual” retreats and guided meditations and such and I’ve always wondered, “Who the hell decided that that off-key toodling flute music was soothing or centering or organic or whatever the hell it’s supposed to be?” It’s damned annoying is what it is. Will somebody please strangle the guy with the flute so that the rest of us can meditate?

    It’s good to have El Tom back on a great mini-sode to remind us why we don’t do disco or spiritual retreats anymore. There is more peace in the quitting than there ever was in the doing . . .

    Wait, maybe that’s the whole . . . Nah . . .

  • gem2477

    I noticed Packer said ” WE won’t change on gay issues. They don’t know US.”

    He is admitting it’s them that decide, not God. Interesting that he didn’t say God won’t change like they usually do when it’s to the public.

    • Ron Hill

      It’s kinda cute how these guys think that god needs their help hating the “right” people, and keeping them out of their “Heaven” (ehYewww Gross!!). God doesn’t need any church or organization made by Man – But I think She does think it’s kinda cute with all the misguided ways they try to help her out. I love it when my kids pretend too. 🙂

  • Ron Hill

    My brother was recently quoting a talk by a GA to explain our father’s gay lifestyle – I then asked him if he really thinks God cares about where or how people choose to get their rocks off? He said, Yes.

    • Ron Hill

      And if you’re curious, no I’ve never put my penis in a poop chute – it seems such a waste (pun intended) especially when there’s the most perfectly great entry at the front door…it even has a welcome mat 😉

  • Orrin Dayne

    I loved the editing and performances on “I will survive.” So good!

  • Dan

    God bless you glorious dorks. That is all.

  • Sirpa Leppänen

    Loved the song! Brilliant! Also just now visited the new website. I love the pics, but Heather looks nothing like I had imagined her to look like.

    • Iiiinteresting. I’m told my conference lady speaker “sounds blonde.”