Ep 339 – The Alarming Truth Behind Anti-Mormonism: The Smackdown


Posted January 24th, 2017

Glenn, Matt, and Scott smack down a blog post because many of you asked us to.  So we did.  In front of about 50 lovely listeners.  And now the rest of you can hear it.  This episode was recorded January 8, 2017.


The Alarming Truth Behind Anti-Mormonism




  • Rick

    I loved this setup, with comments from the audience and open honest discussion. I think this takes the fun smackdown format and gives it another level of interaction. Great material, as usual. I hope you do it again.

  • Vaguely reminiscent of Studio Fist-In-Your-Face with the Peanut Gallery, but in a good way. Formulaic maybe, but so is pizza. Just because this pizza was like the one before doesn’t mean you didn’t love them both and doesn’t mean you won’t love the next one.

    Keep them Smack Downs smackin’! Twenty-six year-old apologists need for the earth to move under their feet occasionally. It builds character.

  • Susan Mowers

    It’s funny because for me I found that once I allowed myself to think critically and truly evaluate religion (not just Mormonism), I found that Mormonism hinged on the fact of whether Christianity as a whole was true or not, versus Christianity hinging on the fact of whether Mormonism was true or not. Plus, Christianity (and the Bible), does not have any of the things he purportedly said were Christian fundamentals (temples, prophets, polygamy, plan of salvation). That is the whole point of the Book of Mormon (and D&C) for believers – that the Bible DOESN’T contain those things.

    • Josh

      The bible actually does make reference to the types of items you listed it doesn’t, however often sparce and lacking more information and explanations. Hence you have spelled out the exact need for the Book of Mormon.

  • wcassi

    I loved this format as well!

  • yxs25

    My favorite aspects of this smackdown, is the debunking of the idea that atheists are somehow destined for depravity, which is the central point of the blog being smacked. (Since the author of the blog deleted all of my comments off his site, I guess I’ll just comment here.)

    One thing that I think the mormons, and the fundamentalist religious (or dogmatic) tend to do, is fail to see morality of the opposing viewpoint objectively. They always start with the assumption that their religious viewpoint is true, rather than vice versa. I liked how you pointed out that these dogmatic religious groups, including hardcore mormons, are actually bigger moral relativists than the secular/atheists/agnostics.

    For example, if you present certain scriptural events to someone who had never heard of religion, they would find some of it insanely depraved! The need to murder everyone in the city of Jericho? Could this possibly be justified by our modern sensibilites, no matter who the group was? Would the mormons of today be willing to go and murder an entire city of people if God commanded it? Could they withstand the public scrutiny? The Mountain Meadows Massacre illustrates the answer to the last question (even though the modern LDS stance was that it was a rogue decision.) Note that it is never given as a possibility in modern mormon teachings that God inspired the MMM. EVEN THOUGH God commanded the Israelites to do the EXACT SAME THING in the Old Testament.

    There are countless examples of this in religious doctrine and history. There are many who literally believe these horrific events: murder (Nephi killing Laban), murdering of children (ala Elisha and the she bear), murdering your own son, (Abraham), lying (Abraham, Joseph Smith and countless others), Lot offering his daughters to be raped (although reinterpreted in mormon JS translation, it is maintained in other christian traditions), polygamy, war, slavery, the list goes on and on.

    Even those who believe those events, seem to play a mental trick, where they somehow justify it because it came from their “god” who is “always right no matter what”, AND because it was in the far distant past.

    From an objective point of view (true objectivity is admittedly impossible), it seems that it is more likely that religion has been used to justify horrific events, and that the morality actually comes from something innate in people, rather than an omnipitent being. As an atheist, I simply don’t excuse this “god” of his often immoral character. To me it would seem we are growing out of an immoral religious past and into a much better secular present. Those demons (I’m being sarcastic) gay marriage and atheism notwithstanding!