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Ep 382 – Dr. Wendy and the Perfectionsim

Glenn and Tom are joined by listener and licensed therapist Dr. Wendy to discuss a BYU article on Perfectionism (yes, it is intentionally misspelled in the title, cuz that is so incrdbly hillaryous) and to pitch an idea for a possible new series that may or may not be the best thing since self-slicing bread.

Ep 230 – Unequally Yoked

Tom is joined by his brave and excellent wife to interview another couple, Neal & Naomi, and discuss some of the difficulties of living in a mixed faith marriage.

Neal & Naomi’s podcast Unequally Yoked can be found here:

Ep 209 – Mixed Faith Marriages and Therapy

Tom and Glenn are joined with Kim and Adam who are both therapists to discuss Jamie’s listener essay titled, “How our Marvelous Mormon Therapist saved our marriage.”

Ep 147 – Violating the Friend Zone

An Infants on Thrones first: two guys, three girls.

And one very brave listener essay.

Nancy, you left us all a little speechless (but, obviously, we all got over it).

Listen in as Matt and Glenn are joined by Kim, Melissa, and Nancy to discuss Nancy’s listener essay: Violating the Friend Zone.

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