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Ep 283 – Upcoming Infants Live Event

Infants on Thrones will be at Sunstone once again this year, July 28-30. Listen in to what we are planning. You will also find a filthy dirty outtake from our latest clean recording with John Dehlin, the Reluctant Atheist. This is a short one. But you’ll love it. Or you won’t. We swear.

Ep 202 – Sunstone 2015 – MoSide Out

What if the emotions from Pixar’s “Inside Out” got together in a Mormon-formed brain that experienced a faith crisis? Which emotion dominates in a pre, mid, or post-faith crisis mind? Those were the questions we playfully explored in our Sunstone panel on Aug 1 at the University of Utah. Listen in as Glenn narrates and the audience chooses exactly what will become of Joy (Jake), Sadness (Scott), Disgust (Matt), Fear (John), and Anger (Randy).




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