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Ep 802 – Hulu’s Under the Banner of Heaven: A Review, P1

Glenn is joined once again by Reed, Jess, Wren and Curt to discuss episodes 1 & 2 of Hulu’s “Under the Banner of Heaven.”


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Ep 237 – Thanks (for the clarification) Giving

Glenn reflects on the role that Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender issues played in his life in coming to an understanding of what it really means to follow the teachings of Jesus, and what it really means to not. In the process, he hopefully finds a few things to actually be thankful for approaching this Thanksgiving 2015.

Ep 167 – Embracing Contradictions

How reliable are the stories we tell ourselves about our own experiences in life? How reliable is memory? Are we simply surrounded by fiction?

Glenn, Tom, and Jake talk to special guest Tierza about her excellent listener essay “Embracing Contradictions.”

Ep 119 – Nauvoo Polygamy Smackdown

John Hamer joins Glenn, Jake, Matt, and Randy to discuss the Mormon Church’s recent essay “Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo.”

Ep 83 – Animal Farm

Glenn is joined by three former essay contributors: Allison (“Dude for a Day”), Nick (“One True Casserole”) and Brad (“Dazed and Confirmed”) to discuss Brad’s newest essay, which explores the similarities and differences between the rise of the Mormon Church and the piggish narrative of control and domination found in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Ep 57 – Kolob Shmolob

Matt, Tom, Bob, Randy, and Glenn discuss the latest essay on Becoming Like God

The King Follett discourse is also discussed — which is, of course, the source for the name of our podcast, “Infants on Thrones.” If anyone wants to listen to a dramatized version of King Follett, there is one on youtube that sounds eerily familiar and infantile. King Follett YouTube.

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