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Ep 238 – Internet Impact on Mormons

Panel Discussion

Posted November 29th, 2015

Randy is joined by Bob, Heather, and John to discuss the impact the Internet has had on Mormons and LDS membership growth (among other topics ranging from the evolving outsider view of Mormons to the latest LDS, Inc. retrenchment via its new policy toward gay parents and their children).






Ep 152 – Five Ways You Are Unknowingly Destroying Your Wife and Killing Your Marriage

Listener Essay

Posted February 8th, 2015

Tom is joined by two married couples: Jake & Erica and Cate & Daniel to discuss Cate’s listener essay: “Five Ways You Are Unknowingly Destroying Your Wife and Killing Your Marriage” — which is Cate’s response to the blog entry below:

Ep 16 – For Our Day


Posted May 28th, 2013

Glenn, Jesse, Tom, and Randy discuss a new film put out by the Joseph Smith Foundation (a group of active Mormons) entitled “For Our Day: Prophetic Parallels in the Book of Mormon.”

Ep 15 – An Outsider’s View

Panel Discussion

Posted April 28th, 2013

Glenn, Jesse, and Randy discuss how outsiders think of Mormonism and how Mormons tend to react. Clips from Richard Dawkins, Brandon Flowers, Julia Sweeney, David Cross, and South Park are included and discussed throughout.