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Ep 286 – Priesthood Power and the Magic Worldview

John Hamer teaches Glenn, Randy, and Jake a thing or two about the LDS priesthood. And its origins. And its authority. And its power. And the magical-ness of the Mormon Worldview. And it is funny. And informative. And will tickle your ears, warm your hearts, and engorge your brains. Do not seek the treasure (we thought you was a toad).

Ep 159 – An Honest Liar

Film maker Tyler Measom joins the Infants to discuss his newest film An Honest Liar — about the life and career of the renowned stage magician turned scientific skeptic of the paranormal, James Randi.

Ep 79 – Patri-oracle Blessings

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we know it’s actually spelled “Patriarchal Blessings” — but come on… they are modern mormon oracles, right? Plus, everyone in Utah always throws that little extra syllable into “patriaracle” when they say it anyway, so just go with it.

In this episode, Glenn is joined by Bob, Randy, and Allison to discuss their patriarchal blessings. Spoiler alert: we’re all from the tribe of ephraim and will all will be raised in the morning of the first resurrection – as long as we don’t sleep through it.

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