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Ep 680 – Bathing with Street Epistemology

How can you really know what you know?  What is your degree of confidence in the beliefs that you hold? Glenn is interviewed by Street Epistemologist Dali on his YouTube show “Vanilla SE.”  Follow the link here to find Dali’s channel on YouTube. Enjoy!

Ep 611 – Mormon Mysticism with Bryce Haymond, P1

Glenn sits down with self-acknowledged Mormon Mystic Bryce Haymond to discuss the one-ness of all things.


Check out more from Bryce at Thy Mind O Man

Ep 320 – Infants on SHONE Pt.1

Glenn pitches an idea for reviewing the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything.”  Tell us what you think.  Is this something you’d like to hear more of, or not?

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