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Ep 254 – True Millennials

Matt, Randy, and Glenn smack down Elder Nelson’s recent address to BYU-H students. America’s favorite dancer Benji Schwimmer joins us for the second half. And Randy’s favorite celebrity Gwenyth Paltrow may or may not make a special appearance as well.

Ep 229 – Smackdown: New LDS Policy Punishing Children If Their Parents Are Gay

What’s worse than murder and rape? The only sin so powerful it punishes innocent children for the “sins” of their parents even if, you know, that doesn’t sound like Mormon Doctrine… In this episode, Bob, Matt, Randy, and Scott discuss the new policy changes from the Mormon Church that set apart homosexuality as a sin unlike any other.

Children of same-sex married people must now beĀ 18 to be baptized and must disavow their parents’ marriage. Follow along as we smackdown the changes to LDS Handbook 1.

Ep 119 – Nauvoo Polygamy Smackdown

John Hamer joins Glenn, Jake, Matt, and Randy to discuss the Mormon Church’s recent essay “Plural Marriage in Kirtland and Nauvoo.”

Ep 99 – BoA Smackdown Pt. 1

Bob, Glenn, Jake, Randy, and Scott discuss another review of another essay from This time on THE BOOK OF ABRAHAM, released in two parts, cuz we pick apart every. single. word. Enjoy.

Ep 83 – Animal Farm

Glenn is joined by three former essay contributors: Allison (“Dude for a Day”), Nick (“One True Casserole”) and Brad (“Dazed and Confirmed”) to discuss Brad’s newest essay, which explores the similarities and differences between the rise of the Mormon Church and the piggish narrative of control and domination found in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

Ep 79 – Patri-oracle Blessings

Yeah, yeah, yeah… we know it’s actually spelled “Patriarchal Blessings” — but come on… they are modern mormon oracles, right? Plus, everyone in Utah always throws that little extra syllable into “patriaracle” when they say it anyway, so just go with it.

In this episode, Glenn is joined by Bob, Randy, and Allison to discuss their patriarchal blessings. Spoiler alert: we’re all from the tribe of ephraim and will all will be raised in the morning of the first resurrection – as long as we don’t sleep through it.

Ep 61 – The Intentional Literalist – Noah’s Ark

Mike Tannehill joins us once again for this unofficial follow-up to The Unintentional Racist to discuss the recent essay on Noah’s Ark with Randy, Scott, Jake, Erica, and Glenn.

Here is the link to the Meridian article in defense of Noah’s Ark.

And here is the essay Noah.

Ep 57 – Kolob Shmolob

Matt, Tom, Bob, Randy, and Glenn discuss the latest essay on Becoming Like God

The King Follett discourse is also discussed — which is, of course, the source for the name of our podcast, “Infants on Thrones.” If anyone wants to listen to a dramatized version of King Follett, there is one on youtube that sounds eerily familiar and infantile. King Follett YouTube.

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