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Ep 688 – A Tribute to John Lennon

John Lennon would have been 80 years old today.
If you are a Beatles fan and would like to hear more episodes like this one, here is the link to The Spiritual Dimension of the Beatles

Ep 206 – My Mormon Beatles: How I Lost my Faith in Paul McCartney

Glenn projects many of his Mormon-formed biases onto the One True Band: The Beatles, and compares his changing view of The Beatles to his changing view of The Mormon Church.


Ep 58 – Dazed and Confirmed

If you have ever felt a little weighed down by the legacy of your Mormon ancestors — and if you have ever turned to alternative methods of self-medication — then this may be the episode for you.

Tom, Randy, Jake and Glenn are joined by listener Brad to discuss his far out essay “Dazed and Confirmed.”

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