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Ep 496 – The Trouble with God, P2

Glenn and Randy finish their conversation with Chris Matheson about his new book, The Trouble with God, where the God of the Old Testament takes a satitical stroll through The Book of Mormon.

Ep 354 – A Mormon Girl Walks Into a Funeral… Walks Out on Mormonism

Bob is joined by special guest Kat, his sister, who recently resigned from Mormonism after attending their grandmother’s Mormon funeral. Something happened at the funeral, something both shocking and routine: a bishop’s talk. Bob recreates the talk word for word, and the two of them discuss what happened after reminiscing about growing up Mormon.

Ep 333 – Light the World Christmas Smackaround

Jesus listens to Infants on Thrones, and so can you.  So open up your gift from the Infants a little early this year and gird up your loins against the war on Secularistmas.  ‘Cuz today Glenn, Randy, Jake, and John read through the recent “Light the World” advent program from the LDS church.  With glee.  Seriously, there was some literal bowl-full-of-jellying going on during this one.  And while we may not have been wearing ugly sweaters, we did find some of the most horribly worst all-time Christmas songs to intersperse throughout the conversations.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the rest.  Enjoy.   WWHAJD?

Ep 237 – Thanks (for the clarification) Giving

Glenn reflects on the role that Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender issues played in his life in coming to an understanding of what it really means to follow the teachings of Jesus, and what it really means to not. In the process, he hopefully finds a few things to actually be thankful for approaching this Thanksgiving 2015.

Ep 206 – My Mormon Beatles: How I Lost my Faith in Paul McCartney

Glenn projects many of his Mormon-formed biases onto the One True Band: The Beatles, and compares his changing view of The Beatles to his changing view of The Mormon Church.


Ep 71 – Making Sense

What does it mean for something to “make sense” and how exactly does one navigate the waters between our thoughts, and feelings, and beliefs? Well, I suppose we could give you the answer right here in this little episode teaser blurb thingy, but then why would you listen?

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