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Ep 229 – Smackdown: New LDS Policy Punishing Children If Their Parents Are Gay

What’s worse than murder and rape? The only sin so powerful it punishes innocent children for the “sins” of their parents even if, you know, that doesn’t sound like Mormon Doctrine… In this episode, Bob, Matt, Randy, and Scott discuss the new policy changes from the Mormon Church that set apart homosexuality as a sin unlike any other.

Children of same-sex married people must now beĀ 18 to be baptized and must disavow their parents’ marriage. Follow along as we smackdown the changes to LDS Handbook 1.

Ep 212 – Froback Friday – Homachnaphobia

In this Froback Friday debut, the Infants discuss Randy’s awesome minisode “Homachnaphobia” — you know… where Randy compares his irrational fear of homosexuality to his irrational fear of spiders. As one does.

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