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Ep 227 – Heavenly Mother and the Lady Priesthood


Posted November 1st, 2015

Will lovely LDS ladies ever hold the priesthood? Have they ever held the priesthood? Is Heavenly Mother real, or just something made up by so-called feminists and lesbians? Who is actually earning Kolob Bucks and who needs to disco closer to that bale of hay?

Scott leads the panel through a smackdown (and a snub-down) of the two most recent essays from Mother in Heaven and Joseph Smith’s Teachings about Priesthood, Temple, and Women. Jake, Erica, Heather, Glenn, and Randy fill out the panel.






Ep 146 – Reclaiming Mormonism with Margaret Toscano


Posted January 11th, 2015

Where would Margaret Toscano start if she was asked to reform the Mormon Church?

Listen in as Margaret joins Bob, Chelsea, and Glenn to talk about gender roles, activism, the Ordain Women movement, faith, spirituality, LDS Temple ceremonies,  Heavenly Mother, whether or not there should be a separate priesthood for women, and a bunch of other really interesting stuff.