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Ep 147 – Violating the Friend Zone

Listener Essay

Posted January 18th, 2015

An Infants on Thrones first: two guys, three girls.

And one very brave listener essay.

Nancy, you left us all a little speechless (but, obviously, we all got over it).

Listen in as Matt and Glenn are joined by Kim, Melissa, and Nancy to discuss Nancy’s listener essay: Violating the Friend Zone.

Ep 121 – (Non-magical) Temple Garments

Panel Discussion

Posted October 28th, 2014

Glenn, Matt, Chelsea, and Nick review the LDS Church’s recent video on temple garments.

Spoiler alert: they are TOTALLY ancient and COMPLETELY legit and just EXACTLY like religious vestments all over the world and NOT magic AT ALL — not even a teeny tiny bit. ¬†Even if most Mormons believe they sorta are.