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Ep 438 – The Religious Influence on my Life

Tom sits down with his oldest daughter who wrote an essay for a college class titled, “The Religious Influence on my Life.” She talks and writes about the shift her life took when her father came out to her as an unbeliever.

Ep 289 – Of Mothers and T-Shirts

Glenn sits down for a brief discussion with his mother about her faith crisis and elicits her sage advice for listeners of Infants on Thrones.  Which starts with how to get an IOT T-Shirt (or super awesome mug) of your very own.  Check out the T-Shirt Tab on our website,

Ep 230 – Unequally Yoked

Tom is joined by his brave and excellent wife to interview another couple, Neal & Naomi, and discuss some of the difficulties of living in a mixed faith marriage.

Neal & Naomi’s podcast Unequally Yoked can be found here:

Ep 217 – Froback Friday – Bob’s Musical Faith Crisis Prayer and Stuff Like That

Have you ever wanted to laugh during a prayer? Have you ever wondered what Glenn sounded like as a 19-year-old missionary full of missionary zeal (or at least full of something)? Have you ever wanted to hear Bob sing all about his faith crisis (or, even better, have you ever wanted to comment on Bob’s singing cred?)

Well, if any of those describe your particularly uncomfortable itch, then today’s Froback Friday episode is definitely gonna scratch it. And then some.

Ep 197 – Mo-side Out Promo (Sunstone 2015 Teaser)

What will the Infants be talking about at Sunstone this year?

Ep 183 – Aggieland Smackdown

Faith crisis, shmaith crisis. Come on, people — there is no valid reason to doubt the Mormon church. Ever. Cuz this one guy doesn’t. And he’s a sorta professor/researcher kind of guy who is also a reader and a writer and an Aggieland Mormon blogger guy, and none of the noise from professional skeptics has ever made him want to join them in their misery! Although today, miserable noisy Infants Jake, Tom, Glenn, Randy, and Matt decided to give him a little smackdown. And you’re invited to listen in. Enjoy.

Ep 66 – The Minisode – Bob’s Faith Crisis to Music

Bob shares a few of his favorite songs, their hidden messages, and how they were (of course) written just for him and the narrative of his life. So climb in the passenger side and sing along.

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