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Ep 511 – No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners, P1

Want to find peace even in the face of suffering?  Noah did.  Listen in as Glenn interviews Noah Rasheta, of the Secular Buddhism podcast, about his new book “No-Nonsense Buddhism for Beginners.”

Ep 457 – Matt’s NEW PPI – Part 1

What is it like recognizing that you were part of a cult and are now playing for the other team?  No, I’m not taking about religion.  I’m talking about Matt’s experience as a sex crimes prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney.  Big things are brewing in Matt’s Long’s world.  You will be hearing about them soon enough, but for now, let’s catch up with Matt in a new and improved Personal Priesthood Interview (PPI).

Ep 434 – The REAL Antichrist

Glenn has figured out who the actual anti-christ is and what “anti-christ” actually means. And it’s not what you think! Unless, of course, it is. It’s really hard to tell being as obnoxiously cryptic as I am being. Just listen. You’ll like this one. I promise.

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