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Ep 104 – The Placebo Effect – Part 1

Chelsea Shields Strayer joins Glenn, Matt, and Scott for a discusion on The Placebo Effect.

Part 1 covers Chelsea’s time as a cultural anthropologist in Ghana, why she got involved in Africa, and how her field work among the Ashanti changed the way she views her Mormon culture. We also discuss cultural relativism — when is it OK to judge a culture’s vices and become an advocate for change? And we begin to discuss the Placebo Effect based on the faith healers Chelsea studied in Africa — how an inert medication or treatment can actually cause measurable physical change in a person’s body.

Ep 88 – Japan and The Lost Tribes

Glenn is joined by Brad, Nick, and Allison to discuss the true relevance of Japanese culture and history when viewed through the lens of Mormonism.

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