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Ep 273 – General Conference Apr 2016 – Infant Style

It’s that time again! Tune in to hear Jake, Randy, Glenn, and Bob’s contribution to the latest installment in the General Conference – Infant Style series. Special thanks to our talented guest contributors Andrew (Elder Durrant), Allison (lady speaker), and Lincoln (opening hymn).

(To read or listen to Elder Kearon’s original talk, click here.)

Ep 219 – The Ex-mo Meditation Guru is IN

Tough weekend? Experiencing a little PCSD? (Post-Conference Stress Disorder) Allow newly anointed Ex-mo Meditation Guru Tom Perry to take you through a short relaxation exercise that should have you feeling better about the world in no time.

Ep 92 – Bob’s Superlative Disorder

Move over Mormon Cred scale, Bob has a newer, bolder insight du jour. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this is by far the most important insight du jour Bob has ever had about the absolute most important issue of our day!

Listen in as Randy, Tom, Jake, and Glenn argue over and over (and over) about this incredibly important thing that — in the end — is so vitally impactful and meaningful for every person in this world that it may ultimately have less than zero meaning or impact on anyone at all. Yes. We get that deep.

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