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Ep 262 – A Tale of Two Poelmans

In 1984, Elder Ronald E Polman delivered a talk titled “The Gospel and the Church” in General Conference. It emphasized the importance of an eternally divine gospel being delivered through a man-made fallible church. The Brethren did not like this message, and made him re-write the talk to make the church as eternally divine and infallible as the gospel. They also made him re-deliver the talk in front of an empty tabernacle to record it and pass it off as the original. But thanks to home VCRs, they got caught. And today you can hear all about it, including clips from both the original talk and the re-written message. So listen in as Glenn and Scott (aka Jesse) are joined by Rock Waterman and James Rogers two discuss A Tale of two Poelmans.

*This recorded conversation was previously released in January 2011 on another podcast but has since been removed. Now it is back where it belongs.

Ep 19 – Navel Gazing

The full quorum (Bob, Glenn, Jesse, Matt, Randy, & Tom) gets together to discuss the first year of Infants on Thrones. They start with a panel discussion to review listener feedback followed by an update from each as to where they stand with the Mormon Church.

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