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Ep 331 – A Very Atheist Christmas

You get to be a fly on the wall in this very special episode of Infants on Thrones.  And you get to hear Matt sing with his wife Kristin.  Totally worth the price of admission.  This was recorded at a live Christmas musical event on Dec 18, 2016.

Ep 142 – The Christmas Jesus and stuff

John Hamer stops by again to talk about the Historical Jesus with Glenn, Allison, and Bob.

Of course we talk about other stuff, too, like belief, and Bob’s endless fascination with Hamer’s “you-say-you’re-a-Christian-Pastor-but-you-don’t-sound-like-a-Christian-Pastor what can I do with this lamb in lamb’s clothing” thing.

And oh yeah, we talk about Christmas a little bit, too, and ask the question, “do you really need to throw the baby Jesus out with all of the mythological bathwater?”

(Answer: No.  No, you don’t.)

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