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Ep 235 – LDS Mass Resignation Interviews

IOT listener Sage conducts man-(and-women)-on-the-street interviews at the LDS Mass Resignation event held in Salt Lake City on Saturday, November 14, 2015. Thanks Sage!

Ep 231 – Disney Songs for Alienated Mormon Kids

Do you love the Mormon Church?  Do you love their new totally Christ-like policy of alienation and exclusion for children of certain kinds of abominable parents?  Do you love the magical songs of Disney?  Do you love Infants on Thrones’ sing-a-long smack downs?  Well, if you love all that stuff right there, then this is the episode you have never known you were always waiting for your entire life.  Enjoy!

Special thanks to Craig Keeling for the album art.

Edit: The songs are now individually available on YouTube:

IOT Disney




Ep 229 – Smackdown: New LDS Policy Punishing Children If Their Parents Are Gay

What’s worse than murder and rape? The only sin so powerful it punishes innocent children for the “sins” of their parents even if, you know, that doesn’t sound like Mormon Doctrine… In this episode, Bob, Matt, Randy, and Scott discuss the new policy changes from the Mormon Church that set apart homosexuality as a sin unlike any other.

Children of same-sex married people must now be 18 to be baptized and must disavow their parents’ marriage. Follow along as we smackdown the changes to LDS Handbook 1.

Ep 189 – Gay Bigotry Smackdown

If kids were confused before, imagine how confused they will be now that marriage is legal for EVERYONE!!! [insert infant cheer here]

Matt, Glenn, Randy, Jake and John discuss a stupid and ignorant Meridian Magazine article and direct the stupidity and ignorance of the stupid, ignorant, (and now hopefully irrelevant) arguments against equal rights in marriage.

Ep 151 – LGBT Press Conference Smackdown

Glenn, Matt, Scott, Tom, and (eventually) Randy smack down the Mormon Church’s January 27th press conference on LGBT rights.

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