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Ep 164 – The Atheist Bible Salesman

Bob, Jake, and Randy are joined by special guest Trevor McKendrick aka “The Atheist Bible Salesman.” Listen in as they discuss his story of growing up Mormon, leaving the Church, getting married in the temple, and making money from selling Bibles… not necessarily in that order.

Also discussed: what it’s like to have Fox News cover your story without your involvement.

Ep 65 – The Noah The Movie and Mormon Circus Acts

Bob is joined by Logan Beaux of to review the movie Noah. This is followed by a discussion as to whether or not bringing certain types of Mormons (*cough* Mike *cough*) onto the show is a good idea. Glenn stops by to share his $.02 as well.

Ep 26 – Secrets of Abraham

Tom is joined by Randy and Bob to interview our first listener guest of the show, Mike, who submitted his audio essay entitled “The Last Ten Years.” Mike discusses his fascination with the Book of Abraham and its connection to the temple ceremony.

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