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Ep 670 – Little Factories on the Big Screen

Filmmaker Brent Bokovoy wants to make a movie about Boyd K. Packer’s infamous “Little Factories” talk. Today Glenn sits down with Brent to discuss his film. We also talk about Mark E Petersen’s steps to avoiding masturbation, whether or not we actually “choose” what we believe, and a whole bunch of other goodies. Enjoy!
Check out Brent’ s Kickstarter campaign here:

Ep 382 – Dr. Wendy and the Perfectionsim

Glenn and Tom are joined by listener and licensed therapist Dr. Wendy to discuss a BYU article on Perfectionism (yes, it is intentionally misspelled in the title, cuz that is so incrdbly hillaryous) and to pitch an idea for a possible new series that may or may not be the best thing since self-slicing bread.

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