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Ep 383 – That SHONE Episode thingy

At long last. Here it is. Glenn and a bunch of listeners guide you through the Universe. Bang. A big one. And don’t worry — you always end up right where you started when exploring the universe. Because, you know…. science.

Ep 328 – The Hazards of SHONE

Glenn provides an update on the SHONE project (Short History of Nearly Everything) and asks for some SHONEY volunteers.  And then – since it is December and all — Glenn also shares some music from The Decembrists (get it?)   He may even sing for you.

Click here if you are interested in participating in the SHONE project:

Or click HERE if you are not.

Ep 320 – Infants on SHONE Pt.1

Glenn pitches an idea for reviewing the book “A Short History of Nearly Everything.”  Tell us what you think.  Is this something you’d like to hear more of, or not?

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