Ep 300 – Sunstone Panel 2016: Many Infants on Multiple Thrones

Panel Discussion

Posted August 28th, 2016

This is the recording of the live IOT panel at Sunstone, July 30, 2016.  So listen in to Glenn, Heather, Jake, John, Matt, Scott, and Tom do their thing live.  Or watch the video on our IOT Youtube Channel:









  • Mensch

    Is this a new YouTube channel? I see some videos on this channel as well: https://www.youtube.com/user/InfantsOnThrones

    • Thomas Moore

      I think someone made a mistake when loading on YouTube. This episode is on its own channel and won’t pull up if you look for the channel. You have to pull up the actual episode, and this is the only video on the “new” channel, even though they’re both named the same.

  • Aaron

    That Packer voice just slays me. I love you guys.

  • OK. I haven’t even listened yet but Jake’s pre-show song was alone worth the price of admission. Complete awesomeness. I did want to give some feedback though…. just kidding. Nice work Jake.

  • CocoaCoveredHeretic

    Man you guys just make me laugh. Thanks so much for all of your time and effort! I wanted so bad to come in person to Sunstone, but didn’t get the chance. Thanks for posting for those of us that couldn’t make it.

    This was an interesting episode for me. I watched the YouTube video. I oddly feel like I have a close relationship with all of you, because I have spent literally hundreds of hours listening. (and re-listening, and listening again) But I have an image of everybody that I’ve created in may head, and seeing video of everybody doesn’t match my fictional version!

    I seriously don’t know if I would still be sane right now without you guys though. Thanks for giving me a place to laugh at things that otherwise would have driven me insane.

    • Omi

      You are not the only one to feel very close to the people on the Infants on Thrones podcast without met with them. I hope this is not demonstrating that I am a creep?

      Furthermore, I watched the youtube video version of this episode and I must say seeing the members of podcast for the first time I sympathize with Matt’s branch president’s wife. He is very enchanting.

      • Omi

        I also found Jake to be nice too.
        Since I have time and have all the cards on the table I must as well get in mud and embarrass myself all the way .

        Here is how I rank you all in attractiveness. firstly the boys:

        1. Jake 8.26/10
        2. Matt 8.25/10
        3. Glenn 6.5
        4. John 6.25
        5. Tom 6.10/10
        6. Scott 4.80/10
        7. Randy NOT APPLICABLE (He is a ghost!)

        Here is how I rate the girls:

        1. Heather 8.27/10 (Heather is numba #1!!!)

        yes that is by default but she is also fittingly elegant.

        • Omi

          also bob?!
          where is he?
          he is a ghost, too!

  • Nomad

    Dear Infants on Thrones,

    [There will be a day that I’m able to leave my adolescence behind and act like a real person. A day of introspection and self-awareness when this thin facade of hostility comes crashing down. But today is not that day.]

    Sincerely, Nomad. ps [Your song was awesome, Jake.]

  • Brenda

    Nice song Jake, I’ve got it stuck in my head now. I’ll try not to sing it around the kids. ha!

    And I agree with the last person at sunstone.. you guys should really finish the ppi’s. I laughed so effing hard at Randy’s PPI. Even saying PPI is funny. hehe

    • Omi

      PPI sounds to me like a euphemism for venereal disease. Like, for “PeePee Infection”. Am I the only one?

  • Omi

    Oh that was so enjoyable!
    I wish it could have been twice as long.
    I really appreciated the get-to-know-you questions for the panel.
    I wish there had been more time for the audience to ask the panel questions. That part seemed to short.
    Would you consider doing a listener mailbag episode, where you just read your mail and answer the questions people ask on the podcast? I think that’d be really fun.

  • Omi

    ohmy i just refeshed the website and the new version flashed up.
    let me be the first to give you mad props.
    THIS LOOKS SO FUCKING GOOD. like super profesh. But young and hip and modern too. Yet still mormon-ish.
    Hmm. The new website design is like Park City. Or a coffee shop in Sandy.

  • AnotherClosetAtheist

    Diggin’ the new site layout. Nice work.

  • Jarkol

    I’m a huge fan of your work! Especially John “In Other Words” Hamer.

    Keep it up Infants!

  • I miss the sidebar that announced new comments to any episode. The only way to find new comments now is to go back and look at every friggin’ episode. Also, it was cool to have the number of comments for the current episode listed in the episode header somewhere. Just sayin’ . . . It looks rilly, rilly nice but it doesn’t really replace the old one.

    • That’s the consensus here, too. Our design pros are working on it.

  • Tim

    That looks like it was a lot of fun. It seems like Sunstone has changed a lot since the Internet. The first time I came across Sunstone was at my uncle’s house when I was in high school. I think there were some articles about abortion rights, and some good Mormon humor — not the kind you wild hear from the pulpit, but not super heretical. Even though I identified as a conservative TBM, I thought there was room in the church for discussion of gospel topics and liberal interpretations. I read other articles from time to time, dismissing some as “out there” and appreciating the perspective on others. My first day on my mission in Oregon, my trainer took me to the zone leaders’ apartment. I picked up a copy of Sunstone from the coffee table and started reading an article on Elder Poehlman’s talk. My zone leader, Jason Silva, warned me with a smile about reading Sunstone. I defensively pointed out that I had read Sunstone before. It turned out that Elder Silva’s father wrote for Sunstone. We were instant friends. There were a handful of missionaries that supported “big tent” ideals. We found members who were threatened by their local leaders for reading Sunstone. There was a liberal Mormon community, but they were relatively isolated from each other. Now, the Internet has connected us.

    I was interested in the demographic questions you asked in the beginning about belief and activity. My impression is that Sunstone used to be mostly liberal, believing members, and that now it is mostly non-believers. Can anyone support/refute this?

  • Seth L.

    You guys mentioned that if somebody had content or an idea or series they wanted to push out that you guys would help distribute like Sage Turks stuff? How would one of us go about pitching those ideas to you? Just curious.

    • Glenn

      Email or Facebook message, plus a good idea, plus persistence.

      • Seth L.

        I sent an email to last week. I can send it in a facebook message as well. Thanks for responding.

  • Seth L.

    Love the new website design FYI! Very cool. And great episode.