Ep 146 – Reclaiming Mormonism with Margaret Toscano


Posted January 11th, 2015

Where would Margaret Toscano start if she was asked to reform the Mormon Church?

Listen in as Margaret joins Bob, Chelsea, and Glenn to talk about gender roles, activism, the Ordain Women movement, faith, spirituality, LDS Temple ceremonies,  Heavenly Mother, whether or not there should be a separate priesthood for women, and a bunch of other really interesting stuff.

  • wcassi

    Fantastic. I loved this so much. I knew Margaret’s name, but not much else about her. I’m a young exmormon woman, and it felt like this conversation was just for me – so much here that I’ve thought about and related to. Thanks!!

  • Vivienne

    It was really interesting to hear Margaret’s views on veiling the face. One thing she never touched on was the reason I was always given for the veils – that because women do not have the priesthood they will not be able to withstand the glory of God. Of course that always set up the expectation that God was actually going to appear there.

  • Vivienne

    Just finished the full episode. Really enjoyed this! I would love to hear an entire episode on obedience vs. independence for members and our children. It really struck a chord with me personally since I had just been researching/debating this very subject with a TBM family member recently. One interesting thing I discovered was the work of Lois W. Hoffman who found that full-time stay at home mothers were more likely than working mothers to cite obedience as their goal in child-rearing. Certainly have nothing bad to say against stay at home mothers, but I do find it interesting that the church (and its membership culturally in the U.S.) endorses it so strongly, especially in citing means of raising children who stay active in the church. Fascinating stuff; can’t wait to hear more!

  • Gues

    I always thought the five points of fellowship was just borrowed from freemasonry. To understand its meaning, you’d have to ask the freemasons.

  • Cyn

    Great episode! I can’t wait for the episode on choosing to believe. I don’t think Margaret is choosing to believe, so much as she is choosing not to decide. I also got the impression that the complicated history and theology of both Mormonism and Christianity in general are a Rubik’s Cube that she just can’t put down. Fascinating woman. She’s about my age, I wish we were friends.

  • thinkfirst

    Wouldn’t it be so nourishing and wonderful if we were regularly taught about the symbolism in the temple? And the many options for different symbolic meanings too. I think that would be a big benefit for making the temple experience wonderful for those that feel it is not. Ritual is fine but eventually the myth and deeper meaning behind the ritual must be taught.

    I request a regular episode with Margaret and Chelsea every 6 months. This would give some culture and elegance to the sometimes impolite coarseness that is the Infants quorum. wink.

  • document

    This podcast was wonderful. Ritual is highly important to me, and is one of the reasons that I joined a high liturgical church upon leaving Mormonism (Anglican/Episcopal). I also found her views on hope and spirituality quite refreshing.
    On a side note, I think Infants has hit its stride. The quality of the podcast has skyrocketed and I look forward to each episode as it comes out. Keep it up!

  • Anissa R.

    WOW! Just when I think I could not love Margaret Toscano more, I find out she went on IOT! Infants on Thrones just keeps getting better. Thanks for a great podcast. It made doing the laundry so much better. 🙂 Please have her back!

    • Holly

      I felt the same way. I didn’t know much about Margaret, though, except that she must be bad because she was ex-ed. But what I had heard of her, issues wise, I really liked. IOT made her even better to me. Listening to her & Chelsea was wonderful. And accompanying the listening with a cup of good coffee was…happiness.

  • One of the Other Mothers

    Where can I find the song at the beginning? Googling “Margaret song” brings up so many hits.