Glenn, Matt, Heather, and John interview Randy for his long-awaited PPI. Randall Snyder is a skeptic, a naturalist, a humanist, an atheist, a proud husband of 18 year and father of 3 sons, an orthodontist, a huge fan of the USC Trojans, the seahawks, The Simpsons, Louis C.K., Monty Python, and Key and Peele.
Randy is the fifth of seven children brought up in the church in southern California. He attended Ricks College, served a mission in Tempe Arizona, finished at BYU and went on to USC dental school. In his mid thirtees, after serving actively in the church his whole George W Bush voting adult life including as a high priests’ group leader which is kind of a big deal, he began investigating the church’s truth claims in 2008 which set him on the path toward secularism, skepticism, philosophism, flaming liberalism, and podcastism. Known for his intensity and foul mouth, Randy is the inimitable angry atheist of Infants on Thrones and everybody’s BFF.