Ep 80 – Priesthood, Pornography, and Barry Manilow


Posted June 4th, 2014

The title says it all. Listen in as Glenn re-visits one of the most shocking and entertaining Elders Quorum lessons ever. Special thanks to Brother Jake for voicing Mr. Appropriate.

  • Chad

    That is some messed up shit.

  • Frank

    Now I know what it meant when bad dudes in the scriptures were “past feeling.”

    • Glenn


  • Allison

    Please see my Avatar for my reaction to this podcast.

    This one time…in Relief Society…
    I was told that “sex is a beautiful thing meant to be shared by a husband and a wife.” And that “masturbation is not something God approves of, which women thankfully don’t have to worry about.” That’s about as messed up as it got. Oh, I think once somebody said something about lingerie being inappropriate and Victoria’s Secret is not where we should be shopping. And Porn is bad.

    • Mellie

      The fist rs I went to after I was married was about testimonies, the teacher described when she had a very spiritual experience, and the feelings that she knew were the spirit. It was a really long description about how she was hot all over, and all the nerves of her body were tingling, and then she had an incredible sense of well being, “it was just like an orgasm.” I nearly died right there.

      • Allison

        Haha!! Maybe if the spirit ever gave me an orgasm I’d still be a believer.

        On second thought… nah.

  • Jennie

    I was laughing during Barry Manilow’s song until the very young children chimed in with their giggles. Uh…

  • cbeggs

    I was in the room for this particular lesson. Even Glenn’s description doesn’t convey the shock and awe that we were all feeling in the room that day. Holy hell.

  • Mike

    Glenn, there is a big “hole” in your story….you must of got the feeling back at some point…..how did you overcome your “numbnuts”?