Post-Mormon Values

Panel Discussion

Posted August 2nd, 2017

Glenn tells the amazing story of a nameless man he met at Sunstone, briefly teases a new feature called “Ask Hard-ass Jesus,” and shares the audio from our Sunstone panel discussion “Infants on Post-Mormon Values” with Randy, Tom, John, Heather, Bob and Glenn. Enjoy.







  • Jason Jordan Smith

    There is a man in Oregon who was given a SET of keys to escape his cage. IOT was one of those keys. This man opted to stay in his cage, for escaping it would mean leaving his spouse and children behind. They did not believe there was safety outside of the cage, and he would not compel them to do anything. Now the man suffers in silence while within the cage. And so he sits, hoping either his family will desire freedom too or that the cage will finally rust away and give them all no choice but to see through the illusion. But in the end, he made his choice, for dwelling within the cage was bearable as his family was with him. Freedom without them was just too empty of an existence.