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Ep 542 – Shame

Matt is joined by Tom and Kristin to apologize for his treatment of Sam Young and to talk about Shame.

Ep 541 – Listener Essay “The Mask” by Troy

How hard is it to live a double life for the sake of your loved ones? Troy shares his experience in today’s listener essay, “The Mask.”

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Ep 540 – Listener Essay “Confessions of a Former True Blue Believer” by Linda

Linda explains her struggles with the Mormon church, what it was that finally made her leave, and what that journey has now lead her to.

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Ep 539 – Listener Essay “Believe Yourself” by Chris

This is our first official singer songwriter submission. It is from Chris. We desire all to receive it.

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Ep 538 – Listener Essay “The View From Here” by Bryan

What does life look like for you? For Bryan, it is dark. It is 3-6-8. Three decades suffering from depression and anxiety. Six times being hospitalized for mental health issues. Eight times being just the pull of a trigger or release of a railing away from ending his life. In today’s listener essay, Bryan bravely and vulnerably shares his particular view of the world with any of us who are reaching out to receive it.

Ep 537 – Listener Essay “Monogamy” by Sarah

Today’s essay is from Sarah. How do you define new boundaries when you leave the Mormon church, become a 7 on the Dawkin’s scale, and begin exploring new sexual relationships?

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Ep 536 – Chelsea Shields and the Biology of Connection

Do beliefs impact our biology? What about a rejection of those beliefs? Glenn sits down with Chelsea to talk about belief, culture, social media, the Mormon “cult” (her word, not mine), and both the social and biological costs of walking away from your “tribe.”

Ep 535 – Disney Songs for Kids of Gay Sinning Sinners (and Jeremy Goff)

It’s been three years. And this episode just dropped off iTunes. So it’s time to put it back where it belongs. And you also get a bonus smackdown of Jeremy Goff. More like that on Patreon.

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Ep 534 – The Psychological Impact of Mormonism

Glenn and Tom sit down with licensed Psychologist Colton Miller to discuss the psychological impact of Mormonism.

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Ep 533 – Response to the Open Letter to John Dehlin Smackdown

The Mormon Church is the real enemy!

Wait, no… John Dehlin is the real enemy!

Wait, no… Infants on Thrones is the real enemy!

Wait, no… it’s patriarchy, Trump, liberals, conservatives, academics, the police, fundamentalists, atheists, Jordan Peterson, straw users (and the beat goes on…)

Glenn shares his response to the recent “Open Letter to John Dehlin Smackdown” episode, and clarifies who (or what) he sees as the “real enemy” and explains why he still enjoys making these podcast episodes and where he hopes this podcast will go into the future.

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