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Ep 555 – Listener Essay “Julie Said Goodbye” by Ron

Today’s listener essay comes from Ron.

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Ep 554 – Listener Essay “James’ Story” by James

Today’s essay comes from James:

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Ep 553 – The Ex’d Files: Bill Reel’s Excommunication – The Morning After

Bill Reel talks to Glenn and Tom about what it was like to be excommunicated last night in St. George, Utah. He also teases some things that might be coming next. Will we get another Excommunication sing-a-long from this? Stay tuned…

Ep 552 – Listener Essay “The Lazy Valedictorian” by Nicole

Today’s essay comes from Nicole.

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Ep 551 – Listener Essay “A Fly on the Wall” by Jim

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall for a 2-hour discussion between a non-believer and his TBM Elder’s Quorum leader? If so, congratulations, because Jim gives you just that in today’s episode (beware the fly paper and don’t complain about the sound quality — this is how flies actually hear things).

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Ep 550 – Listener Essay “Eve’s Endowment” by Fred

What is the best way to teach your Mormon daughters that they are not second class citizens to the boys? Fred shares his experience in today’s listener essay.

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Ep 549 – Dr. Weird Science and the Woonderful Woorld of Woo

Once upon a time, a Mormon scientist worked at the Pentagon. They nicknamed him Dr. Weird Science. He was later stationed in Japan for the US Air Force, where he investigated and invested in the most cutting edge scientific research in Asia. He listened to a recent episode of Infants on Thrones. He has a thing or two to say about the line between science and woo. He is Dave Sonntag, and today he and Chelsea Shields join Glenn to talk a little more about the Mormon (and post-Mormon) cultural attraction towards woo.

Link Bomb for nearly every reference we dropped:

Anne Jacobsen, Phenomena:

Men Who Stare at Goats (IMDB):

CIA Reading Room Stargate:

Google Quantum Biology Workshop:

Johnjoe McFadden, Quantum Evolution:

Not mentioned, more recent:

Herb Froehlich:,

Stuart Hameroff, Anirban, and microtubules.

Penrose, Emperor’s New Mind:

Penrose Institute:

Stuart Hameroff: Science of Consciousness Conference:

Lieberman, Social:

Bob Rees, Heartmath Institute, coherent group changes:

Irwin Schroedinger, What Is Life:

Rosalind Franklin:

Grid Cells:

Kirschvink and Radiobio:

Luca Turin’s Google Workshop talk:

David Eagleman, Neo-Sensory Lab Stanford

Noisebridge: Haptic magnetic sense anklet.

Edgar Mitchell, IONS:

Dean Radin:

Real Magic book link:

Richard Poll, “What the Church Means to People Like Me.” (Liahona vs Iron-Rodders)

Richard Nisbett, Geography of Thought:

Marc Prensky,

Stuart Kauffman, Reinventing the Sacred:

Mormon Transhumanist Association:

OS-Fund, Bryan Johnson:

P.W. Singer:
Wired for War, Excerpts:

LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media:

Ep 548 – Listener Essay “The Highway through Oz” by Lincoln

Is the Mormon church like the wonderful land of Oz? Listen to what Lincoln has to say (and sing) about that.

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Ep 547 – Listener Essay “In the Stranger’s Guise” by Paul

What’s it like to be adopted through LDS adoption services? Would you track down your bio mother? What things would you want to tell her if you did? Paul tells what it was like for him.

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Ep 546 – Listener Essay “Millstone” by Eric

What do children think about things that make them “unworthy?” This singer-songwriter listener essay submission from Eric is both heartbreaking and fantastic. Take a listen.

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