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Ep 363 – April 2017 Infant General Conference

Once again, Infant General Conference is here for your edification and stuff. This time with a very special mystery guest.

Ep 362 – Infant General Conferences of Yore

Is this episode filled with new material or recycled Fro-back Friday material? With General Conference, it’s nearly impossible to tell. Regardless, this is chalk full of some of the best stuff we have ever done. Love it as we do. Amen.

Ep 317 – Bonus General Conference 2016

Follow our beloved President Boyd K Packer for his annual All Hallow’s return from the eternal hereafter to lead us all through some bonus listener generated conference content (mingled with a few little Infant-generated tricks and treats, both new and old).

Special and remarkable thanks to Andrew, Holly, Jordan, and Sage for their special and remarkable contributions.
Enjoy!  (that is a command)

Ep 314 – Infant General Conference – Oct 2016

It’s time for Infant General Conference again.  You know the drill.

Ep 275 – General Conference Smack…up?

Join in as Jake and Randy find a rare pocket of effusive praise for Elder Patrick Kearon’s recent conference address (Refuge from the Storm). Warning–may cause cognitive dissonance.

Ep 273 – General Conference Apr 2016 – Infant Style

It’s that time again! Tune in to hear Jake, Randy, Glenn, and Bob’s contribution to the latest installment in the General Conference – Infant Style series. Special thanks to our talented guest contributors Andrew (Elder Durrant), Allison (lady speaker), and Lincoln (opening hymn).

(To read or listen to Elder Kearon’s original talk, click here.)

Ep 221 – General Conference Oct 2015 – Infant Style

It’s general conference time again. Listen in as Jake, Matt, Randy, Bob, Glenn, and special guest Heather pay a special Infant tribute to the most awesome weekend this side of April General Conference.

Ep 173 – General Conference – Infant Style

Join us for a special edition of the April 2015 General Conference. Because one weekend of General Conference just isn’t enough… without this.

Special thanks to Jake, Glenn, Randy, and Bob for “assisting” the Brethren.

Ep 114 – Seb’s General Conference Holland Rap

Listen in as Seb — our good friend from across the pond — knocks it out of the park again…. or whatever the equivalent is in Cricket.

Take a listen, or watch it here on youtube:

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