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Ep 608 – Street Epistemology with Mormon Missionaries P3: An Interview with Anthony Magnabosco

Glenn sits down with Anthony Magnabosco and a few podcast listeners who joined us live to talk about Street Epistemology, and God, and Truth, and Language, and burning bosoms and stupors of thought and other Mormon ways of verifying belief.

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Ep 607 – Street Epistemology with Mormon Missionaries, P2

This is part 2 of Anthony Magnabosco’s SE conversation with two mormon missionaries.


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Ep 606 – Street Epistemology with Mormon Missionaries, P1

What would you say if you were a Mormon Missionary and you were approached by a well spoken, respectful atheist asking you how you came to be so certain about the Truth of Mormonism?  
Street Epistemologist Anthony Magnabosco did this very thing with two Mormon Missionaries. Spoiler alert: he didn’t accept their free picture of Jesus or a free Book of Mormon.
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Ep 605 – 2020 Vision: What is Real – Five Naked Mormon Truths to Choke On

What is real? What is true? And who has the advantage when it comes to survival of the fittest: those who see it like it really is, or those who don’t?

Today Glenn does some Mormon-focused riffing on Donald Hoffman’s 2015 Ted Talk “Do we See Reality as it is?”


Ep 604 – Alan Cohen and A Course in Miracles Made Easy

Glenn sits down with award winning author and Life Coach Alan Cohen to discuss spirituality vs. religion, reclaiming the concept of God, the relationship between love and fear, and the book A Course in Miracles Made Easy.

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Ep 603 – Tithing Settlement – Lars Nielsen and The 124 Billion Dollar LDS Church Tax Fraud Story

Has the Mormon Church been hiding billions of dollars in some kind of illegal tax shelter?  Glenn and Tom sit down with Lars Nielsen, author of the Letter to the IRS Director.

Links referenced in our discussion:

Ep 602 – On Abraham Hicks & Thinking and Feeling and Creating Good Vibrations

If your thoughts create your emotions, can you control your thoughts to create the kind of emotions that you really want to feel?  And if a conman (or woman) tells you they are conning you, are they really actually conning you?

Ep 601 – Parenting Beyond Mormonism

Matt and Tom discuss parenting beyond mormonism. What they have learned, what they know, and what they don’t know.

Ep 600 – Ho’oponopono with Sara Emmitt

What would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer and given only a few more weeks to live?  Would you travel the world and experience as many things as you could before it was too late?  What if the joy that you experienced during those travels actually healed you?

Sara Emmitt is a singer, a cancer surviver, a world traveler, and today she shares her story of balance, self-love and self-discovery through the traditional Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono:  I’m sorry.  I forgive you.  Thank you.  I love you.

You can listen to Sara’s music and contact her directly through the following sites:

Ep 599 – Rewired: Changing the Ex-Mormon Narrative, Part 2

So if 90% of our 70,000 daily thoughts are repeats from the previous day — if our bodies create repetitive habits over time, and reinforces those habits unconsciously over and over and over again, how exactly can we change?  Today’s episode explores Dr. Joe Dispenza’s advice.

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