Ep 440 – Of Weeds and Bats and Unicorns, P1

Panel Discussion

Posted February 4th, 2018

Glenn, Heather, Jake, and Erica discuss the fascinating story of Josh and Lolly Weed, the faithful LDS mixed orientation couple (she’s straight, he’s gay) who announced very publicly five years ago that they were going to make this thing work, dammit! And then announced last week that they are now getting a divorce — along with a number of other fascinating admissions.

Wow — an episode of Infants on Thrones that actually talks about sorta-Mormon-stuff the entire time. A unicorn sighting indeed!




  • wcassi

    Loved this! Listened immediately and all the way through as soon as it was posted. Really looking forward to Part 2.

  • I can certainly relate to a “year’s supply of weevil bait.” Been there; done that. And then after I’d vacuumed up the weevily flour I’d spilled, the weevils started crawling out of the vacuum cleaner. It was like a goddam horror movie. I eat out mostly these days.

    • Well, at least you had a year’s supply of weevils!

      Seriously, though. That’s nasty.

  • windy_way8192

    Infants, thank you, thank you! I’m sitting on a bus in Reykjavik, Iceland. It has wifi, and you must know my stokedness upon downloading this and part 2. I’ve already gone through a bunch, been travelling 24 hours. Yesterday I sat next to a historian specialising in translatlantic transmission of commodities. We spoke about horses, tea, weed, mushrooms, addiction, Drug wars, cultural membrane, little factories, porn, the elephant and the rider, teleological projections , Joseph Smith’s treasure hunting apologetics (the spirit moved it because you did the ritual wrong) mapping directly onto failing Moroni’s promise.

    It was so fun.

    PS Guess which books he highly recommended? Sapiens!

    • Lucky!! Every part of this comment made me jealous.

  • Martine

    Pretty much your worst episode EVER. And I love Infants! Favorite podcast along with Secular Jihadist from the Middle East—Two of you hadn’t read the Weeds’ post and made all sorts of erroneous assumptions.
    Épisode 2 was much better as you were all actually informed about the content of the post and that was reflected in your better, more enlightened opinions. The Weeds’ post is amazing. Sure they’re still expecting unicrorns—even as they deny their existence—but they own up to the harm they’ve unwillingly caused and recognize they were WRONG in so many ways. Thank god for episode 2!
    I don’t know any of you 3 personally but always enjoy the banter. I do know Matt and Randy.

    • Glenn

      Given that Episode 1 and Episode 2 both came from the exact same conversation, this is a pretty interesting comment.

    • Yeah, this is the downside of splitting a conversation into 2 parts. I do agree that the Weeds’ blog post was remarkable, and I their candor and openness about all of this.

      • Glenn

        I chalk it up more to the downside of subjective interpretation, misaligned expectations, leaps to certainty from positions of oblivious misunderstanding, and limited counting skills (there were 4 people on this episode, not 3).

        But I’m sure Martine’s next comment will be more actually informed and have far fewer erroneous assumptions.

        • Relax, Glenn. I wasn’t throwing any shade your way. Just trying to acknowledge the listener’s perspective.