Ep 224 – Of Temples, Ice Buckets, Coffee, and P-things


Posted October 23rd, 2015

Today’s episode re-visits Matt’s comparison of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the LDS Temple experience, and Tom’s experience coming to grips with the aromatic evils of Coffee. And we close with a special bonus treat from our new talented friend Heather.




  • One very reliable criterion for gaging how funny something is is if, upon hearing/seeing/reading it when I’m completely alone without anyone else in earshot, I actually laugh out loud involuntarily. Heather’s line, “. . . cause we don’t have . . . priesthood” is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a while. And, yes, I did LOL for real. Thanks!

  • Pink-lead

    Glad I listened to these again. Tom, the truth is out. You really just wanted to sin. This whole ‘faith crises’ was a ruse to justify no longer being a coffee virgin.

  • Andrew Ainsworth

    As a committed coffee lover, it was excruciating to listen to Tom painstakingly detail his inexplicable inability to recognize the obvious fact that if you like the taste of coffee candy and ice cream, then you need to add milk and sugar to your coffee. Peppermint creamer? Good god, man, what’s wrong with you? Next time you pour your coffee (BTW, what are you buying that tastes like dirt? Cheap Italian roast?) take a few steps over to the fridge, pull out the milk carton, open it up, and pour in milk until your coffee becomes the same color as the coffee ice cream you love. Then add a spoonful or two of sugar and stir it in. But make sure you stick out your pinky finger as you do that, because you’re a total wuss.

    • Turdfurgeson

      Oh you drink your coffee black? You must be such a fuckin badass…

    • Tom Perry

      Huh. You missed the point Andrew. Oh well. But I’m glad you lowered yourself to good old fashioned name calling. Very classy.

      • Andrew Ainsworth

        Sorry Tom, my attempt at humor obviously failed. I was trying to play along with your self-deprecating humor that you peppered throughout the episode, which I enjoyed and found very funny BTW.

        • Glenn

          So basically what you are saying, Andrew, is that Tom is only a partial wuss. Is that right? 😉

          • Andrew Ainsworth

            LOL, I make no assessment of Tom’s wussness or lack thereof. It’s been a while since I listened to the episode, but if I recall correctly, Tom said his realization that he didn’t like coffee black made him feel like a wuss (or something to that effect). For the record, I usually put milk in my coffee, so by the black coffee = badass standard, I’m at least a partial wuss.

  • Turdfurgeson

    @tom, where did you find the info about the temples recycling names and hiring a company for new name creation? That is mind blowing.

    • Thomas Moore

      This was from a temple worker: “I had worked there for one year when I was called to the position of assistant supervisor over our shift. That required more meetings and more responsibility. One of my jobs sometimes was to gather up the used name tags that the patrons wore with the name of the dead person for whom they were going through the temple as proxy. These tags contained the name of the dead person so that temple workers could read the name off the tag when needed at various places in the ceremony. I would return the used name tags to the temple office, but then I found that the same names were used a second day, and to my amazement the same names were used for a third day. I thought, What is happining here? Why do they use the same names three days in a row? I asked my supervisor about it and he told me that they always used the names of all persons submitted to the temple for temple work for those three days consecutively, and then they are sent to another temple and used again the same way and so on and so on. I thought that this was very odd. It was as though they did not have enough names for patrons to use fresh names each day. Why would they waste the time of each member going through the temple for the same person for three days in a row, when the ceremony had already been done for that person the first time?.” http://packham.n4m.org/temples3.htm
      What I heard is the agreement with ancestry.com was they (ancestry) would provide names to LDS, inc so that they had access to LDS genealogical library.

      • Benjamin Kelsey

        Maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying about ancestry.com, but I don’t see anything here about hiring a company to create names to be used in the temple. Can someone tell me where to learn more about that? Before listening to this podcast episode, I’d never heard such a rumor.

  • windy_way8192

    Sugar is the near-ubiquitous palatable comfort of certainty, coffee the raw nuanced questioning of skepticism. It takes time to tolerate the bitter, but then you become accostumed to it pulsating through your veins energising your directly connecting, non-escaping. Welcome to the Real Side.