Ep 289 – Of Mothers and T-Shirts


Posted July 14th, 2016

Glenn sits down for a brief discussion with his mother about her faith crisis and elicits her sage advice for listeners of Infants on Thrones.  Which starts with how to get an IOT T-Shirt (or super awesome mug) of your very own.  Check out the T-Shirt Tab on our website, infantsonthrones.com.


  • Aaron

    Careful outing your mother, Damn Peterson might just feature her on his super important blog!

  • Loved the mother / son one on one and loved to hear yer mom’s story. Honestly I wish I could have that sort of honesty and intimacy with more of my family but beliefs gets in the way more often than not.

    A question on the t-shirts…didn’t see any size info. Is there just one size for men?

  • Orrin Dayne

    “You were a stake missionary … I count that.” — I actually snorted after that one. I can only imagine what Glenn’s parents have endured having Glenn as a son.

    I have ordered my t-shirts and mug. I can’t wait!

  • Thomas Moore

    I just want to tell your Mom not to feel silly about what she used to believe. I also felt the same. It could be a generation thing. We used to talk about, discuss and really believe that the Prophet at least had a weekly meeting in the temple with Jesus. When Tom Phillips told about his thoughts and expectations on receiving the second endowment, he also wondered, “when is Jesus going to come to me?”. We had the penalties in the temple ordinances and in the back of our minds (especially the priesthood holding men) was what we would do if called upon to perform the Blood atonement. We were told in the temple rite/ceremony that these represented the proper way to take life. When Gordon B. Hinkley became pres/Prophet it was really hard for many of us that had been taught that the Gospel would never change and some rites had to be exact prayers and actions (Sacrament prayer, taking/passing sacrament with right hand, Baptism by “total” immersion w/priesthood holder using sign of the square and in the watery grave with the person being raised from the water, etc…) so we could accept Blacks getting the priesthood; it was about time and enough of the tribe of Israel’s blood had surely been passed on to them because of slavery, inter-racial marriage, wars, immigration, etc… It was a little weird when they told us that one piece garments could now come in two pieces; but the symbols and all were there…but then they got rid of temple penalties, five points of fellowship, washings & anointing and started strictly ruling on correlation, so no more Sacred, Supernatural, Miracle tales were told or talked about. No reason or rhyme why the 3 Nephites and John the Beloved were still around, etc…

    So like your Mom’s enlightenment because of the Poelman talk, or the unteachings and disguising of the “unintentional racism” teachings or the changing of doctrines, creeds, and sacred rites; These are some of the real life reasons we started looking at the leaders and supposed church. It wasn’t due to MMM or polygamy or real weird teachings (if anything, it was the lack of supernatural teachings due to correlation) It was because the Church changed into something else totally.

    I don’t know how many remember but there was a buzz and teachings in many wards and seminary classes during the late 70’s & early 80’s that the “Dead Sea” scrolls were being rescued by BYU and would soon become part of our canonized scriptures. That apocryphal books were being translated and would soon be added. Hugh Nibley had posted a 12 part essay and translation on the Book of Enoch in the Ensign (1977-78), Joseph Smith had prophesied in D&C 91 that the apocrypha would be “retranslated” and re-introduced as canonized scripture. The new Gospel of Judas which was found in the year 2000 talks about “intelligences” (the word got translated as luminaries) and the Adam/God theory; but prophets after Brigham Young said such teachings was heresy?!?! This proved to me that the Lawyers and PR people running the corporation had no inspiration or fellowshipping or humanity or revelations to receive or to give. There is no service, peace or prophecies being given out any more… That and this alone gave me the chance to ask, “What if it isn’t true???” That’s the floodgate question that starts everyone. The bravery and self honesty and self awareness to ask that question. There’s so much busy work in the church and numb minding ASMR talks in conference and meetings that you don’t want to wake up, because it’s so relaxing and comfortable to being automotons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autonomous_sensory_meridian_response

  • dodger

    Hhhmmm? While neither t shirts nor mothers banging on about having lost their perspective on religion have much allure, I did find Glenn’s admission about validation both fun and misplaced. Mom, as with so many others going in new directions, affirmed for me that whether staying or going on with something having only a tenuous grip on that thing appears exhausting. Letting go of that long held idea or supposition seems smart. That said, those moments usually have a big sidebar of validation attached. Mom, listen to you son.

  • Abe

    I wish so much I could hear my mother say these same things.